Ensemble Stars Music Gets An Offical English Release

Ensemble Stars Music Gets An Offical English Release

I’m so shocked and surprised and happy that I could cry!! I’ve been playing the Japanese version of Ensemble Stars for almost 5 or 6 years now. I never ever thought it would get an English version!! This is the best news of 2022!!

You can now Pre-Register for the Global Release of Ensemble Music Stars Here

Ensemble Stars is an anime “waifu” (except they’re husbando’s this time) music rhythm game with gorgeous artwork, fantastic music, and simulation aspects. It is most similar to Love Live All Stars or Idol [email protected] (Will we ever see an English Idol [email protected] game?) I say this because it blends not just tapping the music notes, but strategy and simulation elements in how you actually train your idols. I also (its been a year or two since I’ve played the Japanese version so forgive me if I’m incorrect but…) think that it has the Live 2D animated idols dancing around on your screen. I know it uses Live 2D in the story mode and cutscenes.

I enjoy games with that simulation aspect (which is why I love and still pine for a global Idol [email protected] game. But I will happily settle for Ensemble Stars for now.

Other games it is similar to include: Love Live School Idol Festival, Bang Dream Girls, Utano Prince Sama, Colorful Stage, Rockband, and Guitar Hero, to name a few.

Will you be playing Ensemble Stars Music Global version when it releases in 2022? I know I will!!!! It’s one of the best IOS games I have ever played. Second only to Idol [email protected] in my opinion.

Check out my review of Ensemble Stars Music here.

And go ahead and Pre-Register for the English Release Of Ensemble Stars Music here.


The official site of Ensemble Stars!! Music, providing the latest information from Ensemble Square! Ensemble Stars!! Music is a rhythm game themed as music and growth, with luxurious 3D MV and dazzling performances from 49 charming idols, it presents you beautiful songs and stories.

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