Colorful Stage – Hatsune Miku Vocaloid Anime Game Review For Mobile Devices

Colorful Stage – Hatsune Miku Vocaloid Anime Game Review For Mobile Devices

Game Title: Colorful Stage

Publisher: Sega Corporation

Price: Free With Optional In-Game Purchases

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Genre: Anime Gacha Dancing Music Rhythm Game

Overall Score: 78/90 87% B+ Very Good Game For Girls

Geeky: 4/5 – Popular geeky pop culture phenomenon Hatsune Miku and friends take the stage.

Sweetie: 5/5 Anime graphics, Gacha, Story, Music, Some boy characters too, cute outfits, dressup, lots of reasons girls will like this game.

Overview: 10/10 – An anime gacha game. It has time limited events to collect rare waifu and rare husbando. You can dress them up with different limited outfits and hairstyles. Gotta catch em all. Once you have them, you put them into your band and level them up and score big points in rhythm games. Play solo or with people all around the world. Featuring Hatsune Miku and her Vocaloid friends. Songs have two versions, ones sang by real voice actors, or ones sang by vocaloids (for those not in the know, it’s a computer program.)

For those who don’t know Miku and friends, they are the latest greatest high tech virtual reality uhm idols, for lack of a better word. I saw Miku probably close to ten years ago now, maybe even longer ago, when she opened for Lady Gaga. I love Lady Gaga, but that’s neither here nor there. I had a mild interest in Miku since I’m a huge weeb / otaku / anime obsessed fan. But I’ll say Miku in person is not good if you’re up in the rafters. Couldn’t see her clearly and had to look at the big tv screens instead – and I had prepared myself by watching Youtube prior to the concert, so I was disheartened because it was basically just like watching her on Youtube. I’m sure if you sit close enough it’s amazing and probably looks like a real person.

America has tried to copy this technology with its newish reality show, Alter Ego claims to have the world’s first avatar singing competition series and the next iteration of the musical competition show. But Hatsune Miku and the Vocaloids are much cuter than this American group.

In the game there are some live events every few hours, new cards and quests every few weeks. Lots to do to keep you interested. I also like that the music has many different idols covering each other’s songs.

Gameplay: 10/10 – Gameplay is very fun. You can do multiple-player games or single-player games. Spend time after each song talking to townsfolks and earn diamonds. Use that currency to draw new cards into your hand. Level up the band members. Unlock more stories and events. Play a guitar hero dance dance revolution rock band type of rhythm game. Rinse and repeat. Play a song then look for people in town to interact with and repeat. Level up your cards and build the best band you can. Unlock new costumes and items to boost your band.

Story: 4/10 – It’s lacking a bit. If you love Vocaloids, you’ll love this. Otherwise, you’ll probably skip a lot of it. I skip the story in this game and other music games, Love Live, Bang Dream, etc. Speaking of Bang Dream, this game is just 100% a reskin of Bang Dream…. Nothing is changed… I don’t know if it was sold and modified to have this new story and new characters, but gameplay-wise it’s exactly one million percent exactly the same game… Story is okay, but I’m lazy and in a hurry and don’t have time to read it. You get bonus rewards if you read it, or if you click it and skip it, still get the rewards. Same with every other music game, Love Live, Bang Dream Girls, etc.

Characters: 10/10 – I like that it’s a mix of boys and girls. I don’t follow Vocaloid stuff as much as I should, but I am familiar with some of the characters such as Miku and Ren/Len.

Graphics: 8/10 – Great graphics, could use some more costumes and more dressup and design features. I love Live 2D though. It’s one of my favorite types of animation used in a lot of mobile phone games. I also like the hand-drawn art on the cards themselves. I deducted a few points because sometimes in the live shows, the graphics get a little bit pixelated looking and not super smooth.

Music: 10/10 – Best music I’ve heard in a long time. Better and bigger selection than Bang Dream Girls. Love that it includes male and female voices in the same bands. Great job.

Voice Acting: 7/10 – Most of the voice acting is good, There are some actors and/or vocaloid machines that aren’t as great as others. Also no English option for voice acting or singing.

Replay Value: 10/10 Lots of new events and things to do mean you will want to keep playing again and again.

Overall Score: 78/90 87% B+ Very Good Game For Girls

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