Oshi No Ko Anime Review

Oshi No Ko Anime Review

Oh, where to begin with “Oshi no Ko”? The anime adaptation of this popular manga (personally I haven’t read it yet and since this series is not yet over I don’t want to spoil it for myself) but so far in just 11 episodes this anime took me on a breathtaking ride filled with emotions, artistry, and star-studded dreams. The story starts off with a feature-length premiere (almost two hours long!), setting the stage for a tale of two siblings reborn with past life memories and a mission to help their mother become an idol singer.

But don’t let the initial plot fool you. After the first episode, the story takes unexpected twists, abandoning the initial mother-focused idol quest and sending the siblings on their individual, deeply personal journeys. One sibling is driven by vengeance, while the other strives to become an idol herself, fulfilling their mother’s dreams. It’s a complex and dramatic storyline, peppered with humor and underscored by exceptional music fitting for an idol-centric series.

The art, oh the art! The characters’ eyes are an absolute masterpiece, sparkling like galaxies with stars within them. Their beauty is so inspiring that I’m determined to have customized Dollfie Dream dolls crafted for every main character. Now, that’s a testament to the incredible visual allure of this show!

What makes “Oshi no Ko” stand out, apart from its engaging plot, is its ability to balance both sadness and complexity with a sprinkling of humor. The character drama pulls at your heartstrings, while the music and visual style add to the overall charm and allure.

In short, “Oshi no Ko” is an anime experience that blends the magical appeal of idols with profound storytelling and mesmerizing artwork. Its character-driven narrative and unique visual elements make it an unforgettable watch. The only challenge now besides waiting impatiently for season 2, is saving enough money to bring those enchanting eyes to life through my collection of custom dolls. Wish me luck, fellow fans!

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