Palais De Reine Looks Great But Is Unplayable Due To Containing A Trojan Horse

Palais De Reine Looks Great But Is Unplayable Due To Containing A Trojan Horse

Palais De Reine looks quite similar to Princess Maker and Long Live The Queen, among other stat-raising simulation games. This game looks fantastic, but upon first installing the game, Windows 10 Defender detected a Trojan. For me, it was a severe one, and I’m praying it didn’t damage my PC. I am in the midst of contacting Steam for a refund.

In the discussion section, many other people are reporting Trojans – some with different names than the Trojan my PC discovered. My PC discovered Alec!ac – others are discovering Phonzy and Wacatac. The developers are telling people it is a false positive and to white list it and reinstall the game. Some people claim even after that, the game still can’t launch.

Others, like myself, trust our computer antivirus software more than some company on the internet in god knows what country. Many indie games on Steam are just pushed out by one person, such as the ever-popular Stardew Valley. So how do we know this “one person” has good intentions – or if they are a hacker or have malicious intent for releasing a “game” to steam? We can’t be sure.

The game is supposedly riddled with other problems, such as forced very high minimum resolution which does not work with various Laptop devices. It is also missing in-game content, such as missing dressup and decorating options. Even though the in-game items are present, the feature has been disabled for this PC release, but the items are still given out as rewards? Sloppy! Also, the tutorial has been removed from the beginning of the game making it have a sharp learning curve.

Well, I really am sad. I think I would have loved this game. If it wasn’t a virus, or if the developer cared enough to fix it so it would stop giving a false positive, I think they had a successful product here, but they will lose money because I will refund and I will spread the word to my thousands of monthly visitors to avoid this game. It cannot be trusted. Such a shame because there are too few games like Princess Maker out there. I would have loved this, except it’s really a Trojan Horse in disguise, or a lazily developed piece of software that the team can’t be bothered to fix, despite multiple complaints, dating back over a year ago… Wish I had read those first! That’s why I’m here now warning all of you!

If you want to trust it and whitelist it and maybe hopefully play it – that’s your business… Go for it if you want… But remember a trojan is the worst type of malware. It allows backdoor entry, keylogging, taking over control of your computer, installing millions of viruses and worms, and running and changing scripts in your computer’s registry, disabling your virus protection, and stealing your credit card and paypal information, just to name a few… For that reason, I advise all of my readers to stay far far far away from Palais De Reine.

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